GKK FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
.. on getting me on the phone

Q: I have been trying to call you in your office so many times. Are you ever picking up your phone?

A: I am always picking up the phone when I am in the office. If the phone is busy, please call again after 5 minutes.

If the phone is not busy, and I am not picking it up, then I am probably not in the office. The situation has not particularly eased by my dual appointment at University of Applied Sciences at Bonn-Rhein-Sieg (FH-BRS) and Fraunhofer AIS. I usually try to be at the Fraunhofer office on Monday and Tuesday, and at FH-BRS on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. However, I have a substantial load of meetings and lectures to do, and I am also traveling quite a bit. If you tried getting me on the phone several times without success, please read my FAQ on Email and send me a short note. I will call back as soon as I can.

Q: I have an urgent matter. What can I do if I cannot get you on the phone?

A: If you could not get me on my office phone, try the following in increasing order of urgency:

  1. Send an email and ask me to call you back. Do not forget to mention your phone number, even if I should already have it.
  2. Call our secretary, Birgit Lonsinger-Miller, at +49-731-50-24151 and ask her to leave me a note.
  3. Call my mobile phone and leave a message. Note, that this is my private phone and that I do not get reimbursed by the university for the cost of incoming calls, mailbox calls, etc. So, please use with care and only if it is an urgent matter.
  4. Call my home phone and leave a message on the answering machine.

Q: When is the best time to call you?

A: Chances to get me on my office phone are best in the morning between 9am and 1pm, or between 2pm and 7pm in the afternoon. If it is urgent and after 8pm, call me on my mobile phone. Calls until midnight are okay, but please avoid calling afterwards.

Q: Which is the right phone number to call?

A: Here are the right phone numbers to use:

My office number at FH-BRS. Use for all scientific, teaching, and business matters. Also the right number, if you want information on TCSI.
My office number at Fraunhofer AIS. A possible alternative, if I do not answer on the previous one.
The Wonderbits phone number. Use for getting information on Wonderbits and Tetrixx.
My mobile phone number. Use for urgent matters, especially on weekdays.
My private phone number. Use for private calls and very urgent matters. I can be reached there only on weekends.

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