FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

What is a FAQ?

A FAQ is a collection of (Frequently Asked) Questions and (standardized) answers. They are an excellent source of information for visitors of this web site.

What is a FAQ good for?

FAQs have the purpose to reduce the work load of people, in this case, myself. There are a number of questions which I am asked frequently and repeatedly on the phone or via email, and which require a somewhat more elaborate answer than "yes" or "no". Answering them again and again is tedious, boring, and distracting me from more useful and interesting things, like doing research. If you want to know something about myself, my research and teaching, and the projects and activities I am involved in, please look in my FAQ pages first.

If you do not find your question there, then please do not hesitate to contact me via email. Please have some patience with the answer, though.

More Frequently Asked Questions are answered the following menu items:

FAQ on my web pages.
FAQ on contacting me via email. For example, when and why to expect an answer (or not).
FAQ on getting my on the phone.
Information on myself advising theses.
Information on various issues regarding funding.
Information on myself giving talks.
Information for the media.
FAQ on RoboCup.
FAQ on TCSI -- The Cool Science Institute.
FAQ on Tetrixx, the robot construction kit.
FAQ on Wonderbits, the company I am involved in.